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Home Builders Association of Kitsap County Built Green®: Maximizing Your Investment

BUILT GREEN® is a network of architects, builders, subcontractors, suppliers, and real estate agents working together to improve your quality of life by providing quality homes that are cost effective to own and operate, protect your family's health and well being, and help preserve our beautiful Pacific Northwest environment.

Long-Lasting Quality and Value…For Your Family
BUILT GREEN Homes offer improved air quality through controlled ventilation and careful selection of low-toxic building materials. Improved air quality means you and your family can enjoy:

A Refreshing Environment
Paying attention to air quality in new homes is especially important with the level of air tightness required by the State Energy Code. This air tightness results in fewer air exchanges. But opening the window in the winter won't solve the problem. Controlled ventilation strategies mean you'll get more than enough fresh air throughout your home without paying an energy penalty.

Reduced Health Risks
According to the American Lung Association of Washington, "avoiding or eliminating sources of indoor pollution is probably the most effective way of improving your indoor breathing environment." The Association links a variety of physical symptoms, ranging from mild to severe, to inadequate or poor air quality. BUILT GREEN homes can incorporate safer alternatives and eliminate unhealthy ones.

Higher Resale Value
A healthier, safer home represents a better investment for homebuyers with concerns about indoor air quality and its affect on their family's health.

Experience the contentment of providing your children with the extra comfort and livability of a healthier, safer home. Add to that the knowledge that by buying non- or low-toxic building materials and supplies, you'll be doing your part to build a market for these products, as well as a cleaner environmental future.

Quality Options Offered Through the BUILT GREEN Program

BUILT GREEN homes are better homes. Each of the 85 program options is designed to improve the value of your home, protect your family's health, and protect the environment too. These options may include:

    • Low-Impact Site Planning and Development
    • Preservation of Native Vegetation
    • Judicious Use of Materials and Job-Site Recycling
    • More Durable Exterior Shell
    • Longer Lasting Finishes
    • Stronger, Engineered Wood Product Materials
    • Recycled-Content Plastic Lumber for Outdoor Use
    • Recycled-Content Ceramic Tile
    • Solid Wood or Ceramic Tile Floors
    • Improved Quality HVAC Equipment
    • Low Maintenance Landscaping
    • Energy and Water Efficient Appliances
    • Homeowners' Starter Kit
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